Master’s seminars summer semester 2024 | Computational and Applied Mathematics and Data Science

Foto des Felix-Klein-Gebäudes
Foto: Department Mathematik

The teaching unit of Mathematics and Data Science is currently planning to offer the following seminars in the summer semester 2024:


Registration takes place via StudOn! You can find the link in the course catalogue:  campo


CAM seminars

  • Applied Analysis (Günther Grün)

Data Science Master’s seminars

  • Convex Optimization for Dynamical Systems Analysis (Giovanni Fantuzzi)
  • Control and machine learning (Enrique Zuazua Iriondo)
  • Introduction to Python for Bioinformatics and the Life Science (Praxisseminar) (N.N)
  • BIONETS – Projekt Biomedical Network Science – Projekt (N.N)
  • Biomedical Image Analysis Project = BIMAP (Projektseminar) (René Groh, Andreas, KistLuisa Neubig)
  • Machine Learning in MRI (Vanya Saksena, Marc Vornehm, Annika Hofmann)
  • Advanced Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection (N.N)
  • Legged Locomotion of Robots (Anne Koelewijn)
  • Seminar Automatic Analysis of Voice, Speech and Language Disorders in Speech Pathologies (Hee Yang,  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Maier)
  • Data-based Optimization (Lukas Pflug / Michael Stingl)
  • A Mathematical Approach to Deep Learning (Jens Habermann)
  • Project Road Scene Understanding for the Visually Impaired (Hakan Calim)
  • Advanced Business Analytics Seminar (Pavlina Kröckel)
  • Neural Network Approximation (Cornelia Schneider)
  • Control and machine learning (Enrique Zuazua Iriondo)
  • Advanced Topics in Polynomial Optimization (Giovanni Fantuzzi)
  • Mathematical Statistical Data Analysis (Marie-Christine Düker)
  • Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces (Emil Wiedemann)